Trusted CPAP Delivery and Set Up Without the Hassle

Professional Services for All Your Sleep Technology Equipment

Trusted CPAP Delivery and Set Up Without the Hassle

One of the problems with access to healthcare in this country is that often the patient has to miss work to receive services. Missing work is a significant problem for many Americans. Efforts by healthcare providers to help accommodate patients and their schedules should be lauded and strongly encouraged. Lastly, patients maybe pushed to be convinced that the higher cost mask is the right item for them. So who can be trusted, DSM Sleep!

Sleep apnea is a common problem that affects many people of all ages. In essence it is characterized by repetitive episodes of lack of airflow that occurs during sleep. Standard treatment consists of a breathing device, CPAP or BIPAP (in various forms) attached to the patient via a variety of masks. There is a learning curve for the patient to become comfortable with their machine and the mask interface they have chosen. Consequently, for patients diagnosed with sleep apnea, obtaining and maintaining therapy may require multiple visits to a durable medical equipment company during normal working hours.

However, this need not be the case. DSM Sleep, a physician owned durable medical equipment company, has put in place a process that allows the patient to receive all the necessary equipment delivered directly to their home in a timely manner.

In addition, and this is a first for sleep apnea patients in Iowa, patient education for the proper use of their equipment can be done in the patient’s home.

This is done through the Internet at the patient’s scheduled convenience. A trained respiratory therapist will walk the patient through all issues relating to their machine and mask so that they will be fully comfortable to embark on their newly prescribed therapy.

By improving access to this vital therapy it is hoped more patients can be treated effectively and in a timely manner with minimizing the need to miss work.